Kelsey H.

This was delicious!!!!!! I got their bowl, with simple yet flavorful beans, rice, salsas and more. I chose their asada, and the marinade must be some kind of lime thing. It was mouthwatering. And conveniently sized in small dice pieces that were easy to mix around with everything else as well as share with my toddler! Thank you, Whateke, for coming to Creekside, and I wish you all the best during these really tough times

Mary Jane Y.

Amazing new Mexican food truck! Went there today for the first time, and everything we ate was fresh and delicious. We ordered the Whateke burrito, which includes asada, shrimp, french fries (!!), plus veggies, cheese, beans, and rice. It was a large burrito, well-wrapped, and clean to eat on the go. We also ordered the quesadilla with asada, which was cheesy and a good size. Probably my favorite! They have salsas you can get in separate containers, and they are all amazing. My favorite was the medium spiced green salsa (Macho man I think). Will definitely go back whenever they are in the area.

Jeremy Adams

Amazing taste, great service and at a price point that keeps me coming back for quality authentic cuisine that rivals most sit down restaurants. Originally being from Portland where we have a food truck alley I can say #Whateketruck would beat most if not all that come to challenge it. Be Sure to try all the Salsas they are a game changer for your taste buds.

Karla Job

The owners are my good friends, they've made jars of their wonderful homemade salsas for us many times, & brought us their tasty tacos/burritos 🌮🌯 too. Their meals are delicious, & they're great friends!! If u want fresh, authentic, yummy Mexican food, I definitely recommend them!! 😋🤤😋.
Tasting menus · Large portions · Great food · Creative cuisine · Healthy options.

Shalini Rao Nilakantan

It was delicious and perfect for our school event! Great tasting food for the adults and simple dishes that the kids liked.

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